well i guess the kids gave me pink eye… and i have strep throat!  or i possibly have strep throat…. ugh and my baby has an ear infection! his first ever… ugh ugh ugh…. anyways.. i’m still dabbling a little in art and i recently made a sale in my shop, i sold my little 2x2inch journal.  i call them doodling journals , they’re small!  but they lady who bought it said she was gonna use it for her inchies!!!  duh!  perfect! so if you have lots of inchies i still have 4 little journals in my shop.  i also wanted to show my next project… i’m altering the covers of old books… i plan to add a little hangy thing to this one.   


2 thoughts on “blues,greens,aquas

  1. What a fun book cover! I gave my husband one for Christmas. I’m not sure which he liked better, the cover I chose, or the art.
    Congrats on the journal sale. The 2×2 journal would be perfect for inchies.

  2. Hooray for joining the Springtime ATC swap! But for heaven’s sakes take care of yourself first! That’s a lot of stuff you’ve got going on there.

    Smooches, Robin.

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