so it’s been awhile … i know i know…. i’m telling its not fun trying to take of three homeschooling kiddies while your not feeling the best.  so i found out i dont have strep throat, but that means i dont know whta i have … it still hurts to swallow and i’m pretty sure i’ve lost 5lbs from not being able to eat much… but i dont like doctors , and its not like they offered me any help for whatever my problem really is….

anyways… i’m doing a couple fun swaps!  i’ve finished my wizard of oz swap and like a dork i didn’t take a pic of it been i’ll show you my pages when the book comes back sometime in june i think.  also there is a cool little ATC swap going on over a Alchemy Studios.  Robin is so cool , very nice.  she also has an awsome zine and well there just might be a little of my art in it… check it out! 

so the pics are because i joined in on a Craft Space Challenge that Michelle over at Faerie Dust Dreams is doing…. i’m showing my whole mess.  i’ve actually been wanting to get this THING organized while my hubby is gone , and challenges are always fun to join.  So my little table and art closet , share the same room as our beloved parrot FRITZ, and the homeschooling area.  as long as my stuff doesnt get spread too far out in the room then it stays fairly fuzz free (parrots have lots of fluff that flies everywhere) and i dont hinder the homeschooling day with clutter.  ive had to get rid of a lot of stuff… i recycled and gave away and used it up if i could… i dont feel like i need a lot of junk anymore now that i think i’m finding my niche.  anyways… theres my junky area and junky closet and my bird!  oh! and one of my inspiration walls…


3 thoughts on “craftiness

  1. There’s that tree I love. I wondered what the painting was up in the top right corner of your inspiration wall. The colors and images caught my eye.
    Our homeschooling area is also our creative space and our dining room table. Needless to say, it is always in a state of disarray, but I have less rooms to clean this way. 🙂
    Hope you get to feeling better soon. My daughter has a sore throat now too. And I also do not like going to the doctor. Seems they never really help. But if your throat hurts bad enough to think it is strep, ouch.

  2. hope you feel better! It’s touch taking care of everyone on top of yourself AND trying to have energy for art! I hear ya!

    Visit me, I tagged you!

  3. Hey Sheri, thanks for the mention! Can’t wait to see your ATCs. Patti has hers done too…now, about those procrastinators….I’m just here to make you look good!

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