beyond the clouds

 so i’ve decided to break my etsy shop up and have two shops… i dont want to stop painting just because nobody has noticed my art yet, but it seems people like my little books and tags a lot, hence the division.  so now you can check out little journals like the newest one above “White Tea Journal” , at My Scrappy Store, and paintings , like this new one below “Beyond The Clouds”, which isnt quite finished yet, at The New Store.

Also I was tagged by Michelle to tell 6 odd quirky things about me.

1.)  I always write things on my hands.  I forget really easy , really really easy, so you can always read about somthing, on my hand.  I hate writing on little papers cause i always loose them.  Don’t try to give me your number or email on paper, if we ever meet, cause you’ll never hear from me that way.

2.)  I love bellbottoms… i don’t actually have any anymore, and i’m too young for it to be because i’m from that generation, but i just like them.  i get a lot of jeans from from old navy and american eagle, #1 because they’re the only stores who carry jeans long enough for me, but also because they make them with that little flare. 

3.)  I will answer the phone everytime even if the number doesnt show up, and i flip out just a little, when i miss a call.  its a long story….

4.)  I can’t stand it when somone sucks their fingers.  it’s ok to suck your thumb but it irks me GREATLY when somone sucks their fingers, even if its just to get that last little bit of chocolate out of the bowl , or whatever.

5.)  i hate putting laundry away.  my hubby is gone right now so its ok that there’s tons of cleans laundry in piles all over my bedroom, because i dont mind cleaning and drying it one bit, just can’t ever seem to put it where it needs to go….

6.)  now i will contradict myself a bit.  things need to be put where they’re supposed to go… they just have to.  (except laundry)  its irks me again when there are books piled somwhere , but not put back on the shelf, or mail put in the wrong spot in the wrong room, or WORST OF ALL, when the discs dont get put back into the dvd cases and then you get this big pile near the tv of discs on top of cases on top of discs on top of cases…. aaaaaaaaaaack!

Here are the rules:
*Link the person who tagged you
* Mention the rules in your blog
* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours
* Tag six following bloggers by linking them
* Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged
so i will tag amanda and
and linda  and thats it because i dont know anyone else who might do it… 🙂

3 thoughts on “beyond the clouds

  1. The journal is so inviting. Fun!
    And I would like some tree painting tips please. I have this idea. Before I start, I’d like to be armed.
    I enjoyed your quirkiness. I too am a bell bottom fan, but I have to find short lengths. 🙂

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