bright, light, sight

well it may have been awhile but i have to take advangtage of the nice weather when we get it here in germany. its been sunny and gorgeous and warm almost non-stop for two weeks!  now this doesnt mean i haven’t been a creative little lady…. i have!  here are a couple pages in my visual journal, some are done and some are not.  they are bright in the light and make quite a sight!  i’ve been reading a lot of dr. suess to the kinder lately…..

also i made a bunch of ART TAGS and put them in my scrappy shop , so if you wanna see those you have to check it out!  have you guys ever gone to the section in etsy where you can POUNCE?  i’ve been doing that lately and have found some awsome art, artists, jewelry and bags.  those are the things i like the most on etsy.  oh and all the cupcakes!  mmmmm…. also another awsomely fun way to find somthing new is when you find a cool little shop you like , then go to their favorites, either their favorite items or shops, and your sure to find somthing you havent seen before. 


One thought on “bright, light, sight

  1. Your post has just made me that much more itchy to create. We traveled over the weekend, and I’ve been playing catch up on responsibilities. Enough, time for some fun!
    I absolutely love your visual journal. The colors are so yummy.

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