I love the whole world

So today i made some teeny little journals… they are very GREEN because i used the box container for our Capri Sonne’s  , and no i didnt mispell that.  it’s the german version.  i also made two teeny journals and finally decided where i needed to put my Art Dominoes, on the two new journals.  just go HERE if you would like one for yourself!

also i had to leave you with the videa i found today while surfing.  i LOVE LOVE LOVE the discovery channel and wish we had it here, i would watch it all day everyday…. i just love it.  we only get whatever shows they pick from it…. its pretty random.  i love arachanids…. i love dirty things  (my kids and i love DIRTY JOBS)


2 thoughts on “I love the whole world

  1. Your blog is my family’s favorite. We’ll be playing this video over and over. Did I tell you my husband bought the Kwoon album?
    The journals are so cute, and the Art Dominoes!! You are so creative.

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