step by step

So i have a blogger friend that wanted some help painting a tree…. i will have to do this again because it was fun… if only i had the equipment for youtube…. 🙂  so here is a step by step for a woodburned acrylic painting….


First i need an idea…. so i doodle and sketch….


then i add little notes if i get more ideas…..


then draw the idea on the board with a china marker….. i like china marker because it doesnt smudge too much when you paint over it.



get your tool nice and hot and slowly follow the lines you’ve drawn…. the faster you go the lighter the lines… the slower you go and harder you push the deeper/darker/thicker the lines will be…..



adding some little windows….



now i’m ready for painting…. but i forgot somthing first….



snacks… chocolate milk is a must while painting…. or coffee… or tea


This is the most awsome pallette i’ve ever had in my life… i love it and you can get one here.



get all set up and turn on a movie or some music… i’ve always always needed music or a movie playing… i usually play movies i know by heart and dont need to see to visualize….



johnny depp is good



make sure you have everything handy because you will get out of the mood quickly if you have to keep getting up to look for somthing….



so first i lay down an acrylic wash , which is a little paint and a little water….. i only put some around the tree and buildings… not on the building or hills and mountains…



then fill in the mountains and buildings…. and blend the mountain color into the glowing white that is around the tree….to give it a hazy glow.



did i mention that i love this palette?  even if you foget to clean it and your acrylic paint dries on the palette you can peel it off later!  (also you can use the peeled off paint in art!)



so then i use another favorite for the details….  these crayons are super versatille… i just loving using them in acrylic paintings…



then i also splattered paint around the edges to give it a little antiqued look.  sorry i didnt actually show me doing some of this… it was hard to get a good pic… 🙂



so there  you have it… you can give it a coat of varnish or gel medium for protection….

so all this is for my friend amanda who has a very cool conversation going on over her BLOG


6 thoughts on “step by step

  1. Way cool play-by-play of a painting!

    Also, I just got your ATCs and they are SO beautiful! Just waiting for one more swapper and your swaps will be on the way!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is so cool. I need to learn the planning part. I just run with thoughts without playing with the idea first, and often wish I had done things differently. And I almost bought those crayons on Sunday! The practical side of me said, “My pile is big enough.” You crack me up. I love Johnny Depp. Tim Burton’s movies are also good.
    Your painting is fabulous. The whole idea is just so cool.
    Thanks for being my teacher.

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