meine Kamera ist defekt…

so that means that since i really wanna blog for some reason then all your gonna get is some cool videos and some cool new sites that ive recently been checking out… 

ok so first with the blogs …. i love this blog and i love her hair-Laini Taylor  … i also love love this blog and definately love her hair-EMILY  … this blogger found me through etsy and we found some common ground through our faith-Yvette Adams ….. i found this blogger through etsy and i just love her art-Lindsey Carr  … i cant remember how i found this blog but i love the colors!-Lori Marie  …. same with this blog, but i have a new-found interest in henna tatoos-Noel  …. now i love this blog as well because i love all things japanese, and i found this one through etsy as well-Sofia  …..  and now the last four just make me go aaaahhhh-I found  these four  art blogs  through ETSY and you must check them all out.

now for a cool video you may or may not have seen before….


One thought on “meine Kamera ist defekt…

  1. I’ll have to show my daughter the henna rose blog. She has been doodling all over herself and her brother with henna.
    Great links. Thanks for sharing.

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