tagging it

i love art tags…. they are so fun… and when you have a day when you wanna be creative but dont have a lot of time for setup/cleanup then these are definately somthing you can sit down and be creative with… actually even when your waiting at the post office, or sitting at soccer practice, or just waiting, if your like me and have a little baggy in  your purse with a glue stick and some scissors and little bits and pieces then these are perfect.  anyways… these are from an awsome swap i joined over at Michelle’s… swaps are fun because everyone has somthing sitting there that they’re not quite sure what to do with and a lot of times themed swaps are the perfect thing to use them on…. anyways… if you wanna see more of my tag kits that i’ve been making for quite awhile, JUST GO HERE


3 thoughts on “tagging it

  1. Hi Sheri! Just wanted to tell you I sent out the ATCs Priority on Friday. Don’t know how long they’ll take to get to you but they’ll get to New York in a jiff! Ha! Enjoy!

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