lounging and riding

so this is basically what i’ve been doing a lot of…. because well i have a new bike.  i’m trying to get in shape for when my hubby gets back from his deployment…. i have that spare tire problem from having had three kids and cheeseburger and avacado cravings.   he thought he would help by getting said bike.  he also got a buggy to pull the kids in on the bike.   well the only problem is that the seat is too small… like i’m pretty sure they make wider seats for women…. i thought i remembered that.  its been awhile but i dont remember it hurting like this!  so a new seat is on the way.  🙂  i have lots to show you and lots of ideas have been brewing… also i sold my first painting to a STRANGER in my BLENDEDCOLORS SHOP so i need a bit more inventory! 


One thought on “lounging and riding

  1. Congrats on the sale! That is so exciting.

    I know what you mean about the bike seat. The women’s bike seats are so much more comfortable.

    With your recent time away from the blog scene, I thought your husband may have been home. 🙂

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