Harder Than I Thought…..

it’s harder than you think….  when your spouse gets called away for 7mths twice in the last 2.5 yrs?  it’s harder than you think.  yeah your still doing the same things, everyday.  homeschooling, art, activities, blogging, excercise, church, reading, art…..etc. etc. etc.

this is my first time doing this with three kids, my first time doing this with a whirling dirvish as a son, one sweet daughter, and a son whose been through too many deployments and separations. 

it’s harder than you think, to be both parents, the only one to teach them about God, and right from wrong, the only one to take out the trash, the only to kiss the boo-boos, the only one to pay the bills, get the milk, get them up , put them to bed, get them ready to go, play with them, feed them, hug them, read to them, teach them, discipline them, be the only one they can go to for anything….

I give so much props to the single parents of the world… its hard.  but i pray for, think of, wish so much well for all the spouses who are doing this, while waiting for the other half of them, to make it back safe. 

i know God is trying to teach my entire family to lean on Him completely, not rely on man…. and i thnk finally, FINALLY, i’ve learned this…. or maybe i’m starting to learn it.  i’m in the process…. i don’t know. 

this time had been different…. i feel like i’ve felt more love from friends i’ve made online, from my german neighbors, and from people ive met recently. 

of course family is different.  the only family i have is two sisters and a brother.  i have all the family on my hubby’s side but the only one’s ive ever seen more than once are his mom and dad and brother.  the rest are too far.  my sister is also military and just got back from her first deployment after only having been married for a few yrs…. she totally gets it. 

its just this time… it’s a lot harder than i thought. 




2 thoughts on “Harder Than I Thought…..

  1. I’ve often wondered how you do it. And I’ve prayed for you.

    My husband is gone sporadically for a week or 2 at a time and I slowly and gently fall apart. I am so weak.
    That Quiet journal page was done when my husband had been gone only a week for a job.

    I truly can’t imagine how hard it must be. And yes, single mothers are amazing. I have had that thought many a time.

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