bring down the stars

so this is a piece i did using those awsome crayons i was telling you about.  the caran d’ache neo color crayons are just beautiful.  i dont know where this idea came from but its called bring down the stars…  i like it.  somthing is off though… or maybe i just need to give a bit more definition to the details, not sure but i dont think its for sure done.  

this is a little mail art…. i was never really into mail art, but i love getting mail, and i know if i do then those whom recieve mail from me might also love mail art!  even if its just to pay your somerset studio magazine bill. 

this is yet another awsome awsome book that i just got in the mail.  i just love it… this is good for beginners too.  i mean there’s a bit in there for the more advanced, nonetheless its just got beautiful art.

so i’m working on a painting for a german neighbor/friend whose turning 93 this sunday.  i will try to do another step by step with this piece. tommorrow or saturday i’ll show the goods. 


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