change it up….

so for different varying reasons, i’ve closed up my shops.  i really really didnt want to, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  but of course you can come here anytime you want to see what i’m doing, and the things i make , that i think are good enough to sell, will be available on the art for sale page….. in case your interested….

these are some journal pages i’ve worked on recently, i also have two people who’ve commissioned me to work on some paintings for them.  that will keep me busy, since it sounds like my hubby might have to stay gone for just a bit longer….


2 thoughts on “change it up….

  1. Our church had a live conference call with one of our members deployed in Baghdad during the service today. We prayed for all our military. I thought of you, so just know that your husband, self, and kids were prayed for today. 🙂

    Your art4sale page is a great idea.

    I’ve been working in my art journal as well. It is healing to me, and it’s becoming a habit. Yay!

  2. hope everything is ok! If you ever need to vent/cry ..drop me a line. I’m a good listener.


    Plus I think you are a cool frien. ;0)

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