Step by Step… crafty this time

so today i’m gonna show you how to make a cutie  pootie braided ribbon head-band for sweet little baby girls.  i don’t know about you but there a lot of little baby girls in my church, and homeschool group.  well more at church. 

ok so first, tie two coordinating ribbons together at one end…. you will need a lot of ribbon so don’t try to measure… just keep it all connected to the the thingy its wound around.  #2 pic you need to make two little bunny ears, and then whichever ribbon is behind (pink), will actually go behing the one in front(white), with the one in front(p) getting pulled down flush, like pic #3,but not too tight because in the end these little headbands are stretchy.

so then that first ribbon(white) needs to folded up inside the second color(pink) like pic #4, and the (p) second color gets pulled down flush.  in pic #5 and #6 i’m showing how you continue to push each ribbon up into the next and then pull the first one down flush to keep it there.

pic #7 i pushed the next color up… and in number eight we have an almost finished band.   #8 is a totally differnt colors headband that is finished , but i wanted to show what you can do to the end.  use the same colored ribbons to make a teeny bow, or most craft stores have lots of cutesy pootsey stuff you could glue or sew on, and sew these things on the end of your head band to cover the ends up. 

this is the smallest sized ribbon i’ve ever used for this type of project, but as you can see you can go bigger and it wont be too crazy looking, and down below is the finished headband , not on a baby!  in my hairy knee.  🙂  also at the end or begining of this post is a pretty cool video… forgive me if you’ve already seen it a million times.  i havent!  also please forgive me if you already know how to make these little headbands… somone taught me a long time ago… and i can’t remember who or when…. but i did want to share!


3 thoughts on “Step by Step… crafty this time

  1. hey your welcome guys! and thanx we are having a relaxing summer… or trying to. i hope you have fun making these headbands! its also relaxing and my kids even made some!

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