whats hidden inside….

i’ve been making and creating but forgetting to take pics of some things i’ve sent off, but i did manage to get some pics of this before i sent it off.  i’m submitting it for a magazine theme of black and white, its of my grandmother.  for some reason i am sole owner of a few really cool old picture of her and my grandpa… and i also a million slides.  anyways….i like this one and thought it would really stand out on a black background and i jsut love using my black gesso!  fun stuff!  also one of my favorite artists in Vincent Van Gogh and i’ve already been to museum in amsterdam and everything…. totally get to check that off my list of things to do during my lifetime!  anyways… i found this cool article recently…. also please please please check out this awsome flikr account… just awsome work… its different


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