coming up slowly….

so yes i’ve been making things… and not taking photos.  my head is just a mess these days…. its been foggy and then sunny and then cloudy…. in my head!  i forget things, entire dates to meet people, times that i need to be somwhere, that i already have 3 bottles of dish det., that there is a load of laundry in the wash that i’ve already washed twice because i forgot it was there…..

i have found some very cool things lately… as far as music… .movies…. books. 

so ive just got a lot to put in this post…. be patient….. first one is a fan vid of a singer named bon iver… i really like his music…. it just flows…. then we have a video of a movie i totally recommend.  it just touches me deeply… i could do without the cussing and one or two other big things that i cant say, but totally loved the cast is awsome…..

this book is worth a read… its really helped my whole family feel better…. .and i’ll never get tired of looking at this book! 

…. so i’m coming up slowly…..


2 thoughts on “coming up slowly….

  1. I didn’t catch the name of the movie. What is it?

    I’ll be praying for sunny days for you. I know how that fog feels.

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