yeah…. so its been quite awhile.  i don’t know what my problem is… i think i read all these awsome blogs and just feel like a dork.  i know to become better at somthing you need to practice , but i dont think any amount of practicing will help my writing skills….. at all.  I do love posting on the ole blog though and i love sharing ideas and helping anyone who wants it….

so these are some of the lovely things our German neighbors are sharing with us lately.  the apples are from our own yard…. i dont know what those orange flower thingy’s are called but inside the orange bud is a little orange berry, but the neighbor said “please dont eat it”  she said they will dry nicely and keep until christmas almost , as a decoration!  cool….

another neighbor has more than once shared their lovely tomatoes!  i love tomatoes, but especially nice and warm and fresh picked… yummm… good stuff.

i found the key organizers at our base airman’s attic.  they’re german ones…. the word Schlüssel is carved into each one….

they were very fun to change…. and i used my caran d’ache crayons on them… i loves those crayons.

i think this one is my favorite….  i love greens and blues.  just so calming…..


well i hope y’all have been happily creating!


One thought on “organization….

  1. I love your writing style. It makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with you.

    The key organizers are so fun! I love the buttercups up the side.

    I love those orange ?flowers? They remind me of this weed that grows in western Kansas. You can pop the ‘flower’ by smacking it in the palm of your hand. I introduced them to my nephew this summer. He decided we didn’t need store bought party poppers at New Year’s. We’d just use these. But they aren’t vibrant, beautiful orange.

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