Step by Stumbly Step

ok so this is just totally playing around.  first i selected a size 9×12 canvas board , and added a few things here and there with gel meduim.  let that dry…..

then i slathered on some ochre and white paints and painted them on at the same time.  just dabbed a small amount of both directly to the canvas and blended them together.  let that dry a bit….

then get some punchinella or whatever you like, to make patterns with stamping ink all over the canvas.   of course i kinda didnt like this ….

then i took an ink pad refill and drew little squiggles all over the canvas…. and i really didnt like it.  blech….

blech , ugh…

so i put more ochre and white and not only used a brush to slather it on but a napkin to make it a little interesting…. and because i put a little too much (the access that i wiped off went in a journal but i’m sure you have done that before)

so that was better and i started coloring…. and coloring…..

i love THESE CRAYONS…..  but i’ve said that many times before….

then i took a scanned antique photo i have of a German Body Builider (i think) which i enlarged to 200%  … he will be the focus of our little collage….

so i dont know if you knew this or not but micron pens are pretty awsome… they can draw and write over your water colors crayons and acrylics pretty nicely!  so i doodled…..

then i doodled some more with this presto white out pen… it was fun.

la la la….

oh i forgot to say i printed off my body builder onto photo paper, and so you can do a lot with that as far as filling him in with color (no color printer)  i used my ink pad to add color directly to him…..


here he is all done … with many layers.  🙂 


and now you can make your own if you like….


3 thoughts on “Step by Stumbly Step

  1. He turned out so fun. I love the swirls around him. And you’ve introduced me to a new tool, the Presto white out pen.
    Would you happen to know of a pen that will work over oil pastels?

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