Visual Journal

trying to get ready mentally for the return of my hubby soon!  dont know when but definately in the next few days after being gone for almost 8mths!  i’m so happy…. the kids are just acting crazy, like they had a cup of coffee , or two or three.  i know they’re excited, i just wish it was a calm excited.  i may not be blogging much , it might be once a week or so, and then in november it will be very sporadic.  we have planned a trip to IRELAND, just the hubby and i.  we’re both excited about that, i’m a little anxious, but i know God is in control.  He has us in His hands protecting us , guiding us, comforting us, through this deployment, and i know he wont stop now.  i just wanted to share that i have been creative, i try to do somthing everyday, especially journal art…. has anyone read the recent issue of cloth,paper,scissors?  you should definately check it out…..


4 thoughts on “Visual Journal

  1. Sheri…so happy he hubs is coming home soon. Enjoy the time in Ireland together! As for your journal pages they are cute. Love the colors. Come see me at my new home at blogger. Take care!

  2. I am so excited the day is drawing near for your husband to be home. Yay! So excited for you, I almost just flipped right over your art. (love that chair)

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