arriving in ireland


so first of all i totally read our itinerary sheet wrong and we got up way too early (4:30am) to get to the airport when we didnt need to leave until probably more like 8:30 am…. 🙂  but anyways… the flight was short going to kerry, and Uber cloudy.  thats ok…. here is me myself and i… and below is the most handsome man in ireland!  🙂



so…. its scary driving on the other side of the road the first time… especially when the one driving is trying to see everything your seeing and your trying so hard not to say “Hey!  did you see that field of sheep?”  or “oooooooo that hillside is sooo pretty even in the fog!”


Well the bed and breakfast i booked forgot about us and sent us down the street to a real dump but of course i have no pictures.  thankfully the first place we ate at had a very gabby bartender who had a friend with a bed and breakfast that was closer to the maintstreet in town and better priced and was definately not a dump!!!!  so after we ate we asked the lovely bartender where we could that day that was open.   she said to go to ross castle, which is on ross lake and ross lake also has an island, ross island…..


can you see ross island?   🙂


also you can tell after seeing this awfull shot i took of my hubby , that i’m not the best at taking pics with his new camara.   oh well….


so the first day was lovely…. it was a bit cloudy all day… and didnt pour down rain until supper time, when we walked to get our dinner.   irish stew!  it was quite yummy even though i didnt eat all the meat. 




4 thoughts on “arriving in ireland

  1. Sheri, what wonderful pictures. It looks like you hada blast. I love the pink castle and glad to hear you found a better place to stay. I just love gabby people, you learn so much!

  2. oops, forgot to tell you thank you for the nice compliment about the hat. They have been fun…..need to get busy and put them on etsy, and see what happens. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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