some beauty to behold….


First i wanna tell you about this awsome 29 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS that CHRYSTI from ART BY CHRYSTI is putting on.  please go check it out… its a very cool idea!


wow…. so i’ve been cranking out a lot of stuff lately…. i want to quickly finish all my holiday projects because i’m just so inspired right now.  i have a couple ideas for paintings and collages that just need to be made… i don’t care anymore if i sell my work.  i think my day will come when i will make a small living from this art form.  until then i will just have so much fun making it. 

so i wanted to share some cool sites i’ve found, that maybe you have already found, or maybe forgot you found, and i hope that they inspire you , because they inspired me.

first i have to say that living here in WITTLICH, GERMANY is very inspirational all in itself… i can see why so many people come away from here with fairytales in their heads to write.  not far from here is a wonderfull place for military folks to go…. GARMISCH.   they give a wonderfull TOUR !  well recently i found a blog that was talking about the man, Bill Baird who made the puppets in the movie…. just go HERE.

This Blog is going to be a new favorite…. This Blog is literally in INSPIRATION … haha

i hope you have seen this site before…. and this is a cool BLOG  

also go HERE , HERE , and HERE


OK  so that’s a lot … here are some ornaments i made yesterday and put up in YE OLDE SHOPPE


and a little more ireland



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