I like a little white.

There was a craft show over the weekend, on our base, and I really had a good time.  I learned some new things about  the town we live in, here in Germany, and I learned some interesting facts about the German economy, and their taxes they have to pay.  I made a couple sales, and a couple of  awsome trades as well.  All in all it was fun, plus I got my art out there again, and I have gotten interest again in my little mini journals, which I am putting up in my shop.  Please beware that anything shipped from my post office as of now, will not make it there in time for Christmas.



There was a lady making different things at the craft show, and I had to buy a couple things from her, some are surprises, but I can show you the lovely, huge snowman!  He’s so cool!  I’m trying to convince her to get an ETSY!



This little guy I got at a German Christmas market.   I’m not a fan of Santa, in fact we don’t do Santa in our house, so I’m calling him a winter welcomer, or somthing. 



These are my German glitter glass ornaments I made, either for the craft show or for ETSY, but nobody wants a glittery tree I guess,  so they are going to be gifts for certain folks.  🙂



Here are the newest mini-journals I made.  I thought they had nice alternative holiday colors on them, with an olive green felt imbossed cover, and a maroon and cream patterned cover. 




This is my little fake Charlie Brown tree, that the kids decorate themselves every year.  I love it when they pick out all their favorite ornaments and put them all on their own side of the tree…. it makes just the right touch , don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “I like a little white.

  1. Hey Sheri,
    I got an etsy accout, like you asked me to. I also got a wordpress web blog, but my computer won’t let me go there, lol I wanted to share some stuff I have been doing with you, but it might be a while, I have to remember to have Brad unblock it. I tried but it didn’t work. Jen

  2. hey jen i don’t know if you’ll check these comments again, but i’m so glad you got and etsy and a blog! that is super cool…. and i hope you can get it going soon. it’s fun having an online journal, plus you can share it with all your family and friends , and if they dont get to see you everyday they can still what your up to through the blog.

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