What we did…

First I truly apologize for some of these pictures, I really really can’t get the hang of my hubbies new camara, and i miss our humungous old digital camamra with a passion, but i’m thankfull we have a camara at all.  This is just motivation to buy my own camara.  I like some of these pictures, but only because my hubby seems to handle this camara with great skill….

This beautiful morning sky is what we enjoyed christmas morning, and I love it when the sun shines in Germany.  It’s so much more special.


I love trees as most of you know, and I love the shadows that trees make just as much.


We started off the day with the story of Jesus’ birth, and we prayed together as family.

The kids and their daddy played some games while I heated up some of the coffee cake that we also made for our german neighbors this year.  Afterwards the kids got their camel bags, ( we do camel bags not stockings) , and they played with their little gifts, and treasures until lunch.  We only had sandwhiches to save up room for the evening feast.  I tried to capture my littlest guy Willie wearing his christmas gift of a new scarf made from irish wool, but it just wasn’t happening. 


We made a few twisted snowflakes, which was a lot of fun, and you can learn how to make one HERE, because it’s still winter!


We watched these movies as a family,  and also “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Later in the evening my hubby and I watched “The Christmas Story”.    He LOVES that movie… and it is a classic.  The kids watched one of these while the hubby and cooked up a storm. 


We also read this awsome book, well the rest of it, because its long, but so so good. 

We do not give gifts on Christmas, other than the camel bags, and this year only one child wondered why, and we explained ….  if we invited kids over for her birthday and they all gave each other gifts, but gave nothing to her, how would she feel?  Whose birthday is it?  We also do not celebrate the holidays with Santa.  I have a huge rant I could give you on good ole Saint Nic but not this time…..  I want to focus on the Gift that Jesus is to our family, and is to all of you.  That being said , here is a book we’ve enjoyed reading during the month of december, for a couple years now….


This is my favorite ornament, a hand-turned wooden ornament shaped like a hershey kiss. 


Well here’s an actual decent photo, of my family patiently waiting for me to take pics before they eat the feast.  My hubby is the champ at baking hams, so he worked on that all day.  I’m sure it turned out wonderfull but I’ve become a vegetarian slowly but surely, so I stuck with everything else during this feast.  We also had steamed veggies, maple glazed carrots, homade cranberry sauce, Sweet mashed potatoes, almond green beans,  German Brot, and german apple shorle.   yum yum yum….


Do the kids look patient?  Actually they were so good….


In fast they were a little excited, this is one of our favorite parts of the day.


They like eating by candlelight.


I hope again, that y’all had a wonderfull day, we surely did. 



3 thoughts on “What we did…

  1. Hi Sheri! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Some of the pictures came out great. Just keep trying. You kids are adorable and love the twisted snowflakes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

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