i’m doing these journal pages  in a large road atlas, and um… well i’m not used to this size.  so this month is going to get even more interesting and fun for me since i’m not much of an actual journaler, more of a painter. 🙂
here is my journal entry… and i’m also showing a teeny bit of my next step by step, which is a surprise for my sister. 🙂 artnsoccer-139-450-x-6001artnsoccer-134-600-x-450artnsoccer-133-450-x-600artnsoccer-142-600-x-450

i am really trying to get back into drawing, and want to start incorporating that into my collages and painting more this year.


2 thoughts on “Sister

  1. You sister will love this! I am doing my art journaling in a composition book right now but want to change to an altered book. I actually have a few different books I work in but I started the new pages in the comp book. Anyway, thanks for sharing and looking forward to what you come up with next!

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