too bright…

i just can’t get the hang of this camara… ugh.  it’s either too bright or too dark… so to make up for my pitiful purple journal picture ,i’m also showing a good scan of a red journal page.  🙂



5 thoughts on “too bright…

  1. Hi I enjoying your blog. Christmas family dinner photo’s and journal…I saw the Nativity too this year…I met the author and producer of the movie. He lives in Portland near me.

    I have been doing the Misty Blog Challenge and Dec. Views.

  2. you’ll figure it iut…I always feel challenged by a new gadget too. Nice pages…I seem to be attracted to reds,oranges and yellows lately…maybe I’m ready for Spring!
    Thanks for the commnet on my blog and hope your new year is wonderful.

  3. you had asked a question about putting the widget in wordpress – i have a wordpress blog and here is how i included it:

    save the picture of the CED badge
    from your dashboard load the picture as you would any picture you post
    add a text button to your sidebar
    place the picture in your text box
    you can add the link back to CED if you want

    does this help?

  4. hey rebecca… i dont know how to add a picture to a text widget. i think somthing might be wrong with my computer… ack! because i was able to load the picture of my hubby and me. i do wish that little sidebar widgets were easier to load on wordpress like they are on blogspot.

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