could this be me?

so Misty Mawn has asked us to join her in making self portraits this week , and oh boy, that is brand spankin’ new for me.  never done it before, and i’m not sure why.   this is going to be an interesting week ….


my hair is always falling over like this now that i cut it myself (brilliant idea btw)

i wanted to say that i used my favorite color of caran d’ache crayons, and some of my favorite scrapbook paper, they are both ME! 





4 thoughts on “could this be me?

  1. Phew! I don’t know whether I can keep up with that Misty gal! I did do a self portrait yesterday of all co-incidences! although my lips are thinner! tee hee Wish I had those full lips although I’ll accept the Good Lord’s what he gave me! I think your self portrait is SWEET! We are having FUN though, aren’t we???!!!

  2. I like it Sheri, I like it a lot! I did a page yesterday with a picture from when I was 6. Now today I need to do something….hmmmm 🙂

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