mini me…

i’m a little behind… yesterday i think was the full brunt of the cold.  i really wish my mom would have breast-fed me!  sorry to be so blunt, but if she would have then i wouldn’t get every single cold that comes along, and supposedly there’s like 177 colds you can get, right?   so i still sound like a frog who smoked too much in her life, but i don’t feel like sleeping all day.  anyways…. blah blah, on to the art right?  so i had a lot of fun with this version of me… and i really like it… i like the unfinished look so much…. while I was working so was mini me, my daughter Smiley. 



Smiley’s art…. 🙂

 i also have had a dream for awhile now, but for about  8 mths now it became more of an obsession, to own a guitar, and once owning it , learn to play it.  i drooled over so many guitars, and after getting some good advice from my little brother, who has been playing for years and years now, i got a GIBSON … he didn’t even hesitate when i asked him which guitar is the best guitar.   🙂  this is what i found, that was in my price range, and since i’m the biggest ELVIS fan that I know, and also love the man in black , i had to get a black guitar.   🙂



3 thoughts on “mini me…

  1. Great page and your daughter is adorable and I see she is catching the art bug too! As for the guitar, you can teach yourself some simple chords and you’d be amazed at how many songs only require a few chords, just for you to start off so you can play something! You can find guitar tabs on line as well and teach yourself a song. Anyway, have fun with it!

  2. that guitar is awesome, wow! beautiful! my husband has been playing or trying to…teaching himself, i love it.
    your daughter is so sweet, how old is she?
    hope you are feeling much better today!
    great self portrait, it looks so much like you!
    take care.

  3. Love YOUR art and mini me’s too! LOL She is a baby doll! I’m just FINALLY getting over a cold I started the 2 days before Christmas, it arrived full force the 26th! ick! Get Well! I bought me a child’s guitar because they were a lot cheaper because I didn’t want to put a lot of$$$$$$$$ in something I wouldn’t take seriously. It’s red and I’m going to try again sometime soon!It’s a Harmony and it has a really great sound! A lot of my family play guitars and my dad played guitar, banjo, mandolin, drums, piano and his favorite instrument was the fiddle!!! I love fiddle music!Now, if I could only find those genes for playing a guitar! A fiddle will be next! hehe

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