home is where you draw happyness

Has anyone seen …

The Pursuit of Happyness

With Will Smith?  I love that movie… his son is such a cutie.  That movie still keeps me on the edge of my seat whenever I watch it, and I just love the scene where he solves the rubics cube.  I mean do you ever have a day like his life was?  I think when it came to me, and art today, it just wasn’t happening until now.  

Anyway I’m possibly confusing the snot out of you , it’s just I think of that man and what he endured, often.  When I have a crazy out of control day.  There was a mini flood, in the kitchen, at the same time as a 2yr old melt down, a 9 yr old sudden case of tummy troubles, and a phone call from grandma.  ugh  🙂

I got a fortune from a fortune cookie today , that says,

“Your home is a pleasant place, from which you will draw happiness.”


I really think its fitting for remembering this day today, and I think I look like I feel , in my self portrait.  All I’m trying to say is that I hope your saturday was more relaxing than mine was… although I did also teach myself some scales on the guitar!  🙂

I’m leaving you guys with an awsome pick my hubby took of the moon tonight… I know its not night for some of you yet, but when it is look up that big beautiful moon. 



2 thoughts on “home is where you draw happyness

  1. I hope things are settling down for you. Sorry you are all sick. I love that movie too! You’re right, I have had bad days but that poor guy had one hardship after another. Anyway, I love the self port. you did. Thanks so much for all of your SWEET comments. I came home from church to check my mail and there were your 4 comments. Thanks again hon!

  2. That is one of my favorite movies. Did I ever tell you that Brad knows how to solve the rubics cube. I can mess it up in any way and he can solve it in under 10 min, he says it is some mathematical formula or something. But I haven’t ever met anyone that could do it besides him.

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