nothing rhymes with orange

I don’t know why that is funny to me… nothing rhymes with orange. 

So I thought of a bird, when thinking about what to make for  today’s COLOR.  I was playing around, and was going to  make this piece into one thing, and then I thought of making a big beautiful rooster. 

The quote is “The bird that can and won’t sing, should be made to sing.” Another good one from my quote book from Ireland.



Also CHECK THIS OUT,  and then READ THIS , it goes with it.  The video is orange too, which I thought was cool. 

Finally here are some beautiful orange tulips I saw at the Kukenhof in Holland 2yrs ago.  Nice….



5 thoughts on “nothing rhymes with orange

  1. Goody, Goody Gumdrops! YOU reminded me of Joshua Bell! I was even going to add this video to my Blog since I read about it on someone else’s Journal page but I completely forgot about it! Phew! My memory is NUTS! Isn’t that something, I would HOPE I would be one of those who would stop and LISTEN! Your rooster is very handsome! URRRRR, URRRRRR, URRRRRRR!!! hehe Yeah, I’m like YOU, I don’t use much pink in my art, every once and a while but it doesn’t have to be pink, just sooOOOOoo we journal for these 7 days straight, we are good for the running of trying to win Misty’s art! I figure she will use the pc number generator….soOOOOOoo Good Luck!!! to YOU too! Orange YOU glad we are doing this?!!! lol

  2. ahh love the rooster..such brilliant colours … waving hi to a fellow homeschool mum :-))) ..thanks for your comments on my orange journal ..not one of my favourite colours ..but had fun ..

    I have that jackson pollock movie on my shelf ..i have not had time to watch it yet…watched the Frida Kahlo one last month ..enjoyed that 🙂 … will make a date with myself to watch pollock ..
    ♥ milliande

  3. Oh how I love roosters, they are all over my kitchen and my dinner plates have roosters on them too. Now why didn’t I think of that!! THose tulips are awesome, what a great photo.
    Loved your orange post….

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