Lady Valentine…

So did anyone else notice that most paintings, or works of art with a predominately red palette, either have flowers, or nudes?   Of course I did see quite a few older paintings by all the old greats, with different important persons wearing luxurious  red clothing. 

Well at first I was going to make a “Little Red Riding Hood”  painting…. but then she became “Lady Valentine”



Two of my favorite large scale paintings , I’ve ever done, were of course red flowers.  I thought I would share them today…



3 thoughts on “Lady Valentine…

  1. ok so i know where you got the idea for the first painting, but whose rose is that? Is it of a pic you took or someone else? I really like it.

  2. yeah i wonder who gave me the idea for the red tulips? i really loved making that painting for you jen

  3. Love Lady Valentine and I especially love the red rose!!! I used to use a lot of roses in my collages! I’m looking for Spring because the magazines will have more then! I’ll have to practice and make my own some day! My red collage has a vase of them, I don’t even know if they are visable! LOL phew

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