~smiling yellow~

Wow , I actually had fun with yellow!  I am still participating in the 31 days of journaling that Artist Misty Mawn is challenging us with this month of January.  I couldn’t think of a think to paint/draw/collage in yellow.  I mean I thought of the usual , flowers, birds, etc. etc.  My hubby actually suggested doing our daughter, in a yellow dress, and then I turned her into a fairy…. her nickname is Smiley, hence the name Smiling Yellow.



4 thoughts on “~smiling yellow~

  1. This is SWEET! Just think, if we weren’t doing this Misty January Journaling this darling painting might not have come into existence and that would be a great loss!!! Listen to hubby more often! hehe Now YOU can even make a print of this and Smiley aka Smiling Yellow can remember this day forever!

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