Pink Cupcake

So I don’t really like pink…. I’m sorry I don’t.  It’s not my favorite color, and I can’t think of one pink artwork I’ve seen yet that I liked.  I just think of pepto bismol whenever I think of pink, and who likes pepto bismol?  I did make one painting once , for a friends daughter, of a huge pink coffee cup, to match her bedroom decor, and that was ok.  🙂  It’s ironic then, that of the three kids we have, one is a girl who LOVES pink!!!

Anyway, my daughter helped me with this journal page idea, this time.  A big PINK CUPCAKE!  Something else ironic… I think that it could be my favorite page out of this week of colors!  heehee  🙂



7 thoughts on “Pink Cupcake

  1. mmm..cake!! I don’t care what color cake is, it goes on my favorite list immediately. 🙂 You did a great job representing the color. I haven’t started mine yet, and I’m beginning to sweat a little.…

  2. Pink was once my favorite color. Your cupcake would have fit perfectly into my preteen room.

    Now it is not my favorite either. I think that would be orange.

  3. You can make an awesome cupcake, I am getting hungry just looking at it. Also I do like pink, but I think it is for little girls.

  4. i’ve never been a fan of pink either, but i sure do love your cupcake!! and every so often pink sneaks into my work and I do like it. 🙂

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