One word…

…so it’s not that big of a deal… I know.  I had to pick a word, then illustrate it in my journal for this day during this week in the 31days of Journaling, with MISTY MAWN.  My word is dream… only because I almost always remember my dreams and the first things my kids and I ask each other in the morning is “What did you dream about?’ 




***Ummm… I also wanted to ask if there would be any interest in doing an art journal round robin with me.  There would be a christian theme to it… maybe incorporate some bible verses, etc. into the pages.   If your interested please lemme know…. and then I can get a head count and possible get it started by Feb. ***


2 thoughts on “One word…

  1. thanks for the congrats suze. i love that your kids ask what did you dream? that is just the best. and even though i thought i’d seen that video clip i watched it anyway and had the best laugh this morning. i love both those guys too. xo wanda

  2. i love your dream page, very peaceful, all curled up.
    i really enjoy listening to my children tell me about their dreams, they are always wild!
    I still need to do my crayon page… perhaps i will wait until the kids are home from school, that will be more fun!
    thank you for sticking with me this month! xo

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