…that is how i feel today.  i guess i’m getting sick again, my little girl IS SICK again, my littlest boy, i found out today, has a lazy eye and may need glasses, and my hubby is gone still.  he has three weeks left out of 6 , and is about an hours drive away at another base, but still….

… so this week , with MISTY MAWN we are supposed to journal our feelings, choosing what shapes/lines/textures/colors represent how we are feeling while making the page. 

i wish i felt like the sky that God painted for us tonight…


can you see which german neighbor still has up their christmas lights? 


a little lady that i just really wanted to paint on this big chunk ‘o’ wood that i have for some reason.   she’s not done yet…



my disjointed journal page… i used my favorite crayons, and used mostly ochre’s and green’s and brown’s



6 thoughts on “disjointed…

  1. Oh, I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    I do like the lady you’re painting, I’ll be back to see the progress.
    Nice square page, too! (I’m doing squares with Michelle Ward’s Crusade this month) FUN!


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