stir crazy…

since my middle kiddie is still feeling a little punky, then we have still been at home…. that’s five days folks.  we did try to take a little walk, but that wasn’t the best idea.  i will be glad when this out of the house!  of course I apparently have allergies now… even though i’ve lived in this country for four years, and never had them here before , and never had them in the states, i am allergic to somthing out there in the natural world, which causes horrible HORRIBLE sore throats, and well now i’m complaining and that’s not what i’m trying to talk about.  🙂

this is the last week of the 31 days of journaling with MISTY MAWN,  this week we are journaling about how we feel… so i’m feeling a bit stir crazy and when my hubby gets home this weekend i will let him stay with the  kids and then i am OUTTA HERE…. it sounds bad but he likes to relax on the weekends anyway!  🙂

so  A ..  i wanna tell you all about a cool little chica named rebekah  …. she is a super talented teen i know, who lives here near us , and she has these two sisters that are just really nerds, and a brother whose ok i guess, but anyways back to this cool chica.  she has an ETSY!!!  just GO HEREand check out her crafty wares!  and guys you hafta heart that shop… right?  RIGHT?

and 2 .. i just wanna say that i had a looooooot of fun with this page.  i will share that with you first then a couple other things i’m working on for other folks!


i’m sure you can all figure out the story i’m trying to tell with this deer in his little house… this is a real deer in a real house.  we were stationed in UTAH at one time a few years ago, and there is an island in the middle of Salt Lake you can go and see all kinds of animals and what not… they also had this abandoned settlement, and well we just so happened to be there when this deer got super brave, and walked in the house.  KLASSI! 



This is a lovely dragonfly, and unfortunately for you , you cannot see the colors in the wings very well, because i have a crummy camara!  ugh…  but i finished this TONIGHT for a friend. 



this is an almost finished piece for another friend, she wanted a german scene, because well .. its pretty here!  i have combing three different pictures to get this interesting look.  i have a bit more to go on it.  



this is a present for my hubby and i… my very own handmade souvenir of our AWSOME trip to ireland.  he took that gorgeous photo of the dingle penninsula, and i had it blown up to 8.5×11 and then took all bits and pieces that i made he and i save on our trip, and collaged them around it.  i’m also not done with this but i kinda like it in the GREEN faze. 


so thats a lot… i know.  the most i’ve talked on this blog in a long time.  i’m telling you i’m STIR CRAZY…. 🙂

don’t forget to check out and HEART my friend rebekah’s shop!


4 thoughts on “stir crazy…

  1. Hi,
    5 days! WOW-I know you will enjoy your time ‘out’
    when it happens. I especially love the Germany scene, I hope you’ll be showing it again.


  2. I love your stir crazy page!
    I have a picture from my early teen days of a deer putting his hoves on my back trying to get my Wheat Thins in our kitchen. He liked to stand by our sliding glass door, and occasionally we let him in. We raised him from a baby, but eventually he got wild and left.
    Can’t wait to see the German scene in its finished state. You’ll have to show more “in progress” shots.
    I’m sure your husband will love your gift. Very cool.

  3. a deer came into the house, wow! and you got a photo!? we had 3 deer in our yard two nights ago, and then again last night, they had to jump the fence to get in. i loved seeing them there, but was shocked, too.

    i love your page you created with the deer photo! and the city painting is wonderful!

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