Art Journal Round Robin

Well I thought it might be fun to have an Art Journal Round Robin. 

We could make these journals out of 6 sheets of watercolor paper, your choice of size and your choice how to bind it.   I am thinking, and have conferred a bit with those already interested that we should work on two pages at a time, but depending on how many sign up we may work on less pages or we may have more pages in the journal! 

I was also thinking we could all attempt to incorporate bible verses or favorite bible stories into the pages we create., or really that will be the theme, bible verses, which is fairly gerneral considering it will be YOUR  ideas how to illustrate the verses you choose. 

So those are the ideas for this round robin so far,  if your interested please leave me a message!  I will put a reminder in each post I make until next Friday!  By then I will email all those interested , and let the fun begin!!!

I just wanted to show my one and only favorite Pink Painting ONE MORE TIME… that I created in my humungous journal.  art-390-450-x-600


4 thoughts on “Art Journal Round Robin

  1. I’ve been scanning through the last month of posts, the 31 day art journal challenge and I am sooooo impressed! That is so incredibly cool. I am, I must admit, jealous! And if you continue to do the Adult Art class on Monday, look for me in a month or so cause I will be there! You have TONS to teach me if you are willing (and provided I can learn!).

    Thank you so much for sharing these. You are very talented and I look forward to getting to know you and tapping into your knowledge more!

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