time is getting away…

art-520-600-x-4501I have been CREATIVE EVERYDAY… but I’m just not blogging about it.   I need to get on the ball again….

Couple of things to share.  I recently got the book called The Principles of Uncertainty”  by Maira Kalman!  It is awsome….   I guess she recently illustrated a trip she took to Washington D.C.  CHECK IT OUT… if you like that, then you will like that book.  Get It!  so so sooooooo good! 

so here is somthing i recently made as a sort-of commission.  🙂


One thought on “time is getting away…

  1. I would like to take a look at that book, if you wouldn’t mind. (I’ll wash my hands, I promise.) Her illustration of her trip to D.C. was really neat. So much better than just photos. So much more a personal take on it.

    Oh, and I had a TON of fun today. Thank you so much for a wonderful lunch and a wonderful couple of hours of “arting.”

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