This is the piece I was talking about the other day in my sneaky sneak post, I couldnt share the whole thing yet…

“Love Caught”


oh i know , i know!  there are some things that are just WRONG with this… but i really really really like it.  people and especially HANDS just really make me sweat thinking about trying to paint them right.  i hate the hand down on the right , but i messed with it a million times, to it’s meant to be funny looking.  i guess i have a mix of primitive art and somthing else going on here, but over all i really love this painting. 

we got set up with a partner and had to illustrate their words, or write somthing from their painting.  you got set up with the opposite of whatever you are , artist/writer.  this was a blast!  i will do it again!  you should too!  go check it out.   not sure if i’m allowed to share the poem i illustrated… if i can i will.  it was very cool….

ok … have a loverly day!


3 thoughts on “hope

  1. this looks great! I try not to sweat the mistakes and always remember that they add “character”!

    any chance of getting asigned copy of your cupcake print?….

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