i can see….

So when I first learned that my son would have to get glasses, and learned how bad his eyes were it really made me think about all the things I’m thankfull for.  That his eyes aren’t worse, that he have otherwise healthy children, and nice house to live in, good food to eat, a steady income, cars to get to all the things we have going on.  We are blessed….

and then when I see almost instantly the difference in my little boy with these new things on his face…. wow…

we have all asked him now if he can see…. he says “I can see…”  with a big beautiful smile.

art-162-450-x-600(I’m sorry but he can be a ham)


art-155-450-x-600(see what I mean?)


art-173-450-x-600(starting to loose interest in this camara)


art-174-450-x-600(go away now mom)


art-176-450-x-600(ok just one more!!!)


4 thoughts on “i can see….

  1. He’s such a cutie. It’s great that there is immediate improvement. Hurray for technology, aye?

  2. Oh My God! Tohse glasses are amazing and he looks so cute!
    My God-daughter just got her glasses about 6 months ago…she is 6 and we didn’t realise she needed them. She can see so much better now.
    🙂 x

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