~little bit~

wow… so it’s been a few days.  well there’s been a lot going on, i mean my littlest one fell down on the corner of a bed and busted up his face…. he’s ok and it even looks like nothing even happened already!  he does still have two loose teeth, we have to also get him some glasses.  poor kid… but he DOES look SOOOOO cute with the glasses on.  when they come in, i  will let you all be the judge, and i’ll show you what he looks like.

so my little ART JOURNAL ROUND ROBIN is under way!  YAY!  i’m behind.  and it just started…. sorry guys!  🙂  and i’m still working on a few things here and there, for friends, and friends of friends.  i will some day soon learn how to do stained glass pieces.  now that i can’t wait to do… i’ll show what’s up with that soon too.


some of my favorite inchies, not all done yet, that i’m swapping for next month.  i like the whatever clown


my journal cover for the round robin….. 🙂


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