Es tut mir leid.

I know it’s been a little longer than normal since I’ve said hello, and talked about all that I’ve been up to…. It’s been a lot, but I just havn’t gotten many oppurtunities to blog it, hence the “Blogging without any Obligations” on the side bar. 

So here is my Irish trip- ephemera-tunred-collage, finished piece.



What’s left of a big baby blanket I made for the new baby my German neighber just had a couple weeks ago… Her name is Grita…. awwww.



My new corner I have been creating in…. sometimes.  I had to move away from the room the parrot was in…. I kept getting bird fuzzies in EVERYTHING!  To the point of taking it to people houses.  🙂



My friend BECKY gave me the movable doll… I’ve never had one of those, and now I have no excuse for not doing more people/portraits. 



An all but one step before finished piece, that I’m doing as part of a trade. 


Well I couldn’t resist making more than one.  there is a certain color scheme to go along with some old photos of this ladies Grandmother.  I really like how this one is coming along.  The one above just needs some mica flake paint and it’s set. 



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