~save some green~

so i know there is a recession going on, and being in the military it hasnt really affected us much, other than groceries maybe.  i mean COME ON!  your kidding me with the prices for produce, right?  it’s not helping us vegetarians of the world. 

ANYWAYS…. i’ve said before that one of my favorite artists is DAVINCI mostly because he was a jack of all trades.  maybe i’ve told you this and shared it in the past, but i’ve made a few intersting pieces of jewelry here and there over the years.  i was really really into it before somone put a paintbrush in my hand.  my frined elissa. 

well since that moment i just obviously fell in love with painting, and my bags and boxes of beads and beading materials got dustier and dustier, and i gave away alot of it.

recently i found a BEAUTIFUL , hadtohaveitnomatterthecosts , very resonably prices necklace on ETSY.  now i actually love many of the pieces in THIS lovely shop,  but there was one particular piece she made … you know, the ihadtohaveitnomatterthecosts necklace. 

so ok sorry this is taking longer than i intended , just to say i made a necklace last night at 2AM, and well i actully kinda dig it!  i loooooooooove green, and you can tell when you come to my house, its everywhere in olives, emeralds, and antiqued chipped greens. 

so i saved some green , and made it green ….. whaddya think? 



ok , ok , OK!  one antique blue button made it’s way in…..



3 thoughts on “~save some green~

  1. i love green to, remember the necklace you made for me at christmas a long time ago, it was green and I still where it all the time in December.

  2. the necklace is beautiful. Love it!
    My mom has been wanting to make one with some of her treasured antique buttons. She is searching for the perfect chain right now. It’s such a fun process, isn’t it?
    Just curious what you were doing up in the middle of the night.

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