enjoy it while you can….

the weather here has been far too glorious to stay in the house and blog!!  i’m sorry to say it, and maybe you missed me , maybe not.  🙂  you have to take it when you get it!  the last two weeks have just been beeeeeeeautiful, and we’ve been eating outside, arting it up outside, homeschooling outside, reading outside…. walking , riding bikes….etc, etc, etc.

we have a lot of books… mine, my hubby’s and our kids.  theses are just some of our kids books for homeschooling or just for fun… color-coded so the kiddies won’t just throw them on top of other books but actually put them on the shelf.  this is more for the two younger kids….:)  and for their visual momma. 


my hubby bought some new lawn furniture this weekend and a grill.  that’s how nice it’s been, grilling weather -oh yeah.


here are a couple of the books that are keeping me engrossed these days… Mixed-Media Nature Journals , Plant Dreaming Deep ,  Hundreds and Thousands: The Journals of Emily Carr .    


a journal page from the other day….


some tags for a swap


i have also signed up for an awsome AWSOME online class!  Mary Ann Moss is doing an online class!!!  i can’t wait….


3 thoughts on “enjoy it while you can….

  1. Love the new patio furniture. It looks great. I missed the sun today. It was bright out but foggy, too. Not nearly the fun of last week.

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