vintage love…

i have been crafty… i have been arting it up.  just havn’t been taking pictures of all of it… still getting used to the new AWSOME camara!  

anyways…. i wanted to share my love of ALL things vintage.  i believe that it’s quite possible i was born into the wrong era.  in the internet surfing i have done recently i’ve seen many a decorated room with a vintage typewriter, and even before i’ve seen how cool they look as just a decoration , i have wanted one to add to my small but interesting collection of vintage finds.   i found one , for an awsome AWSOME i tell you! , deal at a rug store in a town not far from my town.  vintage2type

it’s german too!  i have a few vintage german things i’ve found here and there, and i’m so glad to add to it!  see the funny looking letter b button?  and the u,a, and o with two dots?  sorry i know its slightly fuzzy shot.   it’s a rusty, dinged up beauty of an old thing.



i’ve been going through a lot of my “art supplies”  … things i think i can’t live without and have realized i can, and now have a much more organized, and clean looking, art nook.  





zen tangle in my doodle journal


old drawing of Geronimo , combined with recent doodling



i hope your all having a loverly creative day/week


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