has spring sprung yet, or what?  wow…. i tell you what, THIS is why i love spring….


so i have signed up for an AUSGEZEICHNET online class with mary ann moss… if you havn’t signed up you SHOULD!  you still can actually.  it is really really fun….


above is an Ok cover…. and on the flip side we have my first attempt.  ugh…


this one below was a mess and i sprayed it again and like it more… much more.    i am just having too much fun with this new to me form of art.  i love this look A LOT!!!


so i will leave you with my new favorite spring has sprung picture. 




also the RANDOMLY chosen winner of my little pink cupcake is………


i have your info already and so i will send it on asap!   thank you for commenting… it was an interesting day for me!


4 thoughts on “sprayed…..

  1. I’m in the class too, but haven’t sprayed anything yet. I haven’t even cut my cardboard yet! But this weekend I’m diving in.
    I love your letters, and that cool look around the heart. How’d you do that?
    And I won, I won! 🙂

    • the cool effect around the heart happened when i held the can further away and didn’t press so hard! i saw that you in the class… have you made anything yet?

  2. The class sounds fun! I like what you are doing with spray paint. Thanks for sharing your spring pics. I love forsythia bushes. I have one in my yard and we’re planning on planting more soon. I just wish they bloomed through the summer.

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