~The tree grew~

I still have a little obsession with trees…… a friend came over today and we got a little crafty, no sorry a little artsy.  I just read that verse, Daniel 4:11,  today with the kids in homeschooling, and thought it needed to be added to a little piece of artwork. 

kinder 087 (450 x 600)




This is where we went last sunday afternoon…. I just love it!  Now I don’t remember what the name of this place is, but I do know it’s in the town of Manderscheid.   You can feed the fish and the ducks and walk around the cute little pond, and when your tired of the fish and ducks you can rest and have a coffee and maybe eat some of the fish you just fed, at the restaurant on the other side of the lake.


kinder 017 (600 x 450)kinder 016 (450 x 600)


3 thoughts on “~The tree grew~

    • this is just collage and pen and ink. i do want to do another woodburned peice soon….

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