I’m not sure what’s been up with me lately… I just havn’t felt CREATIVE!  I don’t know why it’s happening now because I have so many ideas, but I’m not writing them down, or sketching them down, or keepingtrack very well of the ideas I’m having.  I feel very blah… like there’s not just a blank canvas looming on my horizon, or a blank jounal, but a blank wall, and skillet, and day ahead of me. 

soccer 154 (450 x 600)soccer 153 (450 x 600)

I am trying different things to get back the passion I had, but so far not much is happening.  In the meantime I’ve been sewing.   That’s fun.. because I have to do it all by hand, so I’m just making small things.  Toys, and dress up stuff for the kiddies.  I have also been doing a teeny bit of journaling , which  I need.  I really want to paint, but it’s just not happenng yet.

  I also teach some homeschooling kids an art class.  Tomorrow is the first day back at it and we are going to draw!  We will be doing portraits…    I don’t about any of you but I think kids are very inspirational.  They really help you to look at the world with different eyes.

First I wil call upon the Lord : 

Psalm 119:28   My soul melteth for heaviness: strengthen thou me according unto thy word.

tshirt0002 (600 x 438)


2 thoughts on “~journaling~

  1. I’m sorta there too. Trying to do. At least I know that this is just a part of the creative process, it will pass.
    Like the music on your blog. 🙂

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