my friend  FINALLY sent me pictures of the mural i added to,  on her sons bedroom wall.  🙂

  they moved into another friends house, and their son loved SPIDERMAN.  there was already a  night-time city scene and even some spiderwebs painted on the walls.  my friends son likes KING KONG and GODZILLA.  or actually he liked KING KONG and then after some talking realized it would be cool to have them fighting in the city scene. 

100_1146 (600 x 450)100_1147 (600 x 450)100_1148 (450 x 600)100_1149 (450 x 600)100_1150 (600 x 450)

and so here’s the result … with before and afters and a special bonus painting in the web.  apparently his favorite pig is wilbur.  🙂  jk…..


3 thoughts on “~GODZILLA vs KING KONG~

  1. Sheri..this is really cool. I always wanted to do this in my boys rooms. Well, the oldest is 19 1/2 and the next one is 18 so my only hope is with the 9 1/2 y.o. 🙂 My youngest would love this! Great job!

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