~blue is a happy color~

when we got back from our vacation in June,  we came home to a very interesting surprise!   a BLUE CHAIR  on the front porch!  

I originally  found this greyneverwouldhaveseenitiftherewasntsomethingbrightsittingontopofit, chair junking , which i’ve told you about before.  the Germans, twice a year, throw out their junk!  now sometimes it’s perfectly good junk!  i’ve never really gone to any other towns when they do junking , mainly because i have a teeny tiny VW golf  and three kids.  we have junked in our town of wittlich, though.   so anyway, we get back from our trip and lo and behold this little greyweatherednevernoticeditbeforebecauseitblendsintothewall,  chair is now blue!  

 i love it…. but it is a mystery!  none of my peeps here did it!  so they say…. 🙂  i’m pretty sure that one of the many wonderful ideas i have in the middle of the night, did not turn into sleep walking and produce this chair… so  my hubbies theory is that our landlord did it… he is a house painter, fixer upper, and a super awsome landlord.  he gives my kids money for BARELY helping him when he comes to mow or things like that, and if we see him at the annual Pig Festival, he always treats them on a ride.  he has no problem coming to help fix whatever thing we’ve messed up… he’s just cool like that.    i’m sure he has blue paint somewhere.  

 i really really think that a friend of mine HAD to do it!   i’m not sure if  just anybody would like somone doing somthing like that while they were away, but i just LOVE IT!!    so know this… if we are friends and are in the same hood, then by all means you can leave me a surprise like that , any time you want!  🙂

here is the chair:

soccer 191 (600 x 450)soccer 161 (450 x 600)

 not much of a chair before, but now… wow!  

and to go with the blue theme of my little post, here is a  blue journal page, done just last night for a special project:

soccer 212 (600 x 450)soccer 214 (600 x 450)soccer 209 (450 x 600) 

~blue is a happy color~



3 thoughts on “~blue is a happy color~

  1. I still have no idea who did that, but it is cool. I have suspension that is was out little friend who traveled across the big pond to a far-away place in northern never never Americaland 🙂 Seriously I do not know though. I was thinking a chair for my front garden would be cool, going to wait and see what color our house is in August though.

  2. What a pleasant surprise. I wonder who did it? Very sweet. And love your journal pages today. BTW, I got the journal you sent me. It’s stunning. Who’s is it? I see signatures but can’t figure out who’s it is. I am going to work on it over the weekend and then ship it off to Kari.

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