kidsnart 067 (450 x 600)

i recently watched these two movies, PIECE BY PIECE  …..  an awesome documentary about the history of graffiti.  one thing i learned, is that it’s not even considered graffiti by artists unless there’s words.   this movie is based on a bunch of graffiti artists in San Fransisco, which is apparently graffiti mecca/heaven.   i loved the art , and the stories, i could have done without the cursing though, so beware if you rent it.

kidsnart 038 (600 x 450)kidsnart 058 (600 x 450)

and THE FALL  and if this trailer alone doesn’t make you want to see THE FALL then you WILL be missing something…

i wanted to make something after watching both movies and being inspired by words painted by graffiti artists, and the colors and imagery of the beautiful movie THE FALL.  I haven’t completely finished this yet but i wanted to show it at this stage because it’s still kind of cool.  i also had to add one more pic of my mad hatter…. i think  he turned out quite nice. 

kidsnart 065 (450 x 600)kidsnart 071 (450 x 600)


One thought on “~graffiti~

  1. Guess what! I am mailing out your journal on Monday morning, first thing. Sorry for the delay. I was totally uninspired for a bit. So glad that season is over.
    And I’m going to Amsterdam this Nov with a group from our church. We will be so close, our borders will be touching.

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