~Charlie Chaplin~


“All I need to make a comedy, is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl.”  Charlie Chaplin


I really love CHARLIE CHAPLIN about as long as I’ve loved Elvis… I remember the very first collage I ever made had a magazine clip of Charlie Chaplin in the middle and Elvis from Jailhouse Rock dancing around Charlie along with other collaged people. I don’t still have that collage , but it’s ok because I remember it very well. I think the point of doing the collage was to create a story using only things we found in the magazine, and my peeps I found were all dancing because of the way I place them. This was in like 9th grade art class… my first REAL art class…. long story.

Anyway I’m being brave and teaching Adults *gulp* how to paint…. last week was the first painting class and I THINK it went ok. I hope they enjoyed it and want to come back this week…. 🙂 one of the ladies coming suggested we paint Charlie Chaplin this week…. I was thinking about it and decided I would give folks the option to choose their own oldie but goodie to paint in black and white. I know it sounds a little boring to paint in black and white but it won’t be. It’s actually kinda fun coming up with all of the shades you need to create a 3d effect… or make the image pop.

So I’ve always wanted to paint Charlie Chaplin, and I got inspired while looking for some clip art…..
and this is what I have so far:
kidsnart 121 (450 x 600)

In a couple days I’ll show you the step by step… sort of.  🙂

100_0995 (600 x 450)

Charlie Chaplin memorial in Ireland…. apparently he came there A LOT.  🙂


100_0997 (600 x 450)


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